Aircraft/UAV/Drone Sourcing

  • AB Aero Partners provides Structural and Non- Structural Composite and Metallic parts with design and manufacturing engineering assistance throughout the process.

Composite Tooling

  • All forms of Composite Tooling – In and out of autoclave; designed or built to your specification.
  • Composite
  • Invar/Steel/Aluminum


  • Finishing & Fulfillment
  • Production Parts (Metal and Composite)

Enikon Promotional Video
Enikon Aerospace - Robotic Grinding
Enikon Promotional Video
Enikon Aerospace - Robotic Grinding

Additive Manufacturing

  • We will take your idea from prototype product or process to reality in the most economical and efficient way.
  • 3D printing Tipping Point to Production Considerations
    • Plastics/Metal
  • Rapid Prototyping – Quick to Market

High Density Foam Tooling and Production Board

  • Marine Production & Tooling
  • Aerospace Production & Tooling

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